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Coming Soon…New Animation Music
November 17, 2019

Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing new animation music every other day.

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I Can, I Will, I Did
April 2, 2017

Wrapped up I Can, I Will, I Did, my second feature with the talented director Nadine Truong, produced by Brian Yang. The…

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Scored the Thriller “Off The Rails”
January 20, 2017

Off The Rails is a psychological thriller directed by David Jackson (IMDb), and produced by Marguerite Henry for MarVista Entertainment / IMDb and is…

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Dreamtopia TV Series
December 30, 2016

Happy to announce that I’m continuing to work with the amazingly talented director Saul Blinkoff and executive producer Julia Pistor on the Barbie…

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Wrapped Up Scoring “I’d Like to Be Alone Now”
December 12, 2016

Had a fantastic time scoring Jon Dabach’s feature film drama I’d Like To Be Alone Now which had an inspiring ensemble cast and unique…

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Music from Barbie Dreamtopia
June 30, 2016

Some selected cues from the Barbie Dreamtopia animated film I scored, which is currently screening on Nickelodeon. Had an amazing collaboration... Read More
Currently scoring Dreamtopia
May 13, 2016

Currently scoring the animated feature film Barbie’s Dreamtopia. Directed by by the amazingly talented Saul Blinkoff.

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Ninety Seconds to Safety
July 9, 2014

This post originally appeared in the Hollywood Journal. Sirens are going off as rockets arc through the night sky and…

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Listen to Senior Project – Teen Comedy Score
June 18, 2014

[aesop_content color=”#000000″ background=”#ffffff” width=”55%” columns=”2″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”]From the beginning it was clear to both director Nadine and myself that it…

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The Sound of Silence
January 28, 2014

This post originally appeared in the Hollywood Journal. Why are we so afraid of silence? We surround ourselves with sound…

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