High School Comedy – Senior Project
admin | 19 November

Currently prepping to score the edgy high school comedy film, Senior Project. Directed by the extremely talented Nadine Truong, the

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In The Studio: Vocalist Ayana Haviv
admin | 22 May

In the recording studio with the amazingly talented singer Ayana Haviv.

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In The Studio: Guitarist Stephan Mann
admin | 10 March

In the recording studio with the talented multi-instrumentalist Stephan Mann. Recording various guitars, mandolin and ukulele for an animated project.

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Enhancing the Music Approval Process
admin | 20 September

The initial point at which a composer presents music to the director for approval is often a situation of anticipation

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Lovemakers – Original Score
admin | 30 August

Music from the romantic comedy Lovemakers with Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane. I had an amazing experience working with producer

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The Sound of Silence
admin | 27 August

Why are we so afraid of silence? We surround ourselves with sound wherever we are. We get in the car

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Lovemakers – Romantic Comedy with Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane
admin | 15 August

Wrapped up composing the score for the romantic comedy Lovemakers, with Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane. Had a fantastic time

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Nature’s Greatest Defender on Hulu
admin | 17 April

Check out Nature’s Greatest Defender, a National Geographic documentary I scored a couple of years ago that just popped up

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Scoring “Imaginary Friend”, a thriller for Lifetime
admin | 27 February

Currently scoring “Imaginary Friend” (formerly titled “180”), a psychological thriller for Lifetime, directed by Richard Gabai. Starring Ethan Embry, Lacey

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The First Note
admin | 16 August

Writing the first note of the score is usually the last thing I do. I’ve always strongly felt that the

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