High School Comedy – Senior Project

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Currently prepping to score the edgy high school comedy film, Senior Project. Directed by the extremely talented Nadine Truong, the film stars Margaret Cho, Kyle Massey, Meaghan Martin, Vanessa Marano

In The Studio: Vocalist Ayana Haviv

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In the recording studio with the amazingly talented singer Ayana Haviv.

In The Studio: Guitarist Stephan Mann

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In the recording studio with the talented multi-instrumentalist Stephan Mann. Recording various guitars, mandolin and ukulele for an animated project.

Enhancing the Music Approval Process

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The initial point at which a composer presents music to the director for approval is often a situation of anticipation for the composer. Over the years though, I’ve been surprised

Lovemakers – Original Score

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Music from the romantic comedy Lovemakers with Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane. I had an amazing experience working with producer Ivan Gulas on this feature. We were both on the

The Sound of Silence

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Why are we so afraid of silence? We surround ourselves with sound wherever we are. We get in the car and the first thing we do is turn on the

Lovemakers – Romantic Comedy with Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane

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Wrapped up composing the score for the romantic comedy Lovemakers, with Daryl Hannah and Billy Zane. Had a fantastic time working with the creative team on board the project! More

Nature’s Greatest Defender on Hulu

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Check out Nature’s Greatest Defender, a National Geographic documentary I scored a couple of years ago that just popped up on Hulu.

Scoring “Imaginary Friend”, a thriller for Lifetime

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Currently scoring “Imaginary Friend” (formerly titled “180”), a psychological thriller for Lifetime, directed by Richard Gabai. Starring Ethan Embry, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Schull, and Paul Sorvino. Edited by¬†Jeff Murphy.

The First Note

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Writing the first note of the score is usually the last thing I do. I’ve always strongly felt that the process of composing a filmscore has to be much more