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Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing new animation music every other day. Ranging from orchestral to pop, epic to humorous, this music will bring emotion to animation!

April 2, 2017

I Can, I Will, I Did

Wrapped up I Can, I Will, I Did, my second feature with the talented director Nadine Truong, produced by Brian Yang. The film will premiere at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on April 28th. It’s also scheduled for the Sunscreen Film Festival on April 29th.

Starring Mike Faist of the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen, VH-1 host extraordinaire Ellie Lee, and Selenis Leyva from Orange Is the New Black, ICIWID is a family drama that tells the story of an unlikely relationship formed by foster youth Ben and Taekwondo Grand Master Kang.

Executive Producers: Ik Jo Kang, Jay Shaw
Producers: Brian Yang, Artisha Mann-Cooper
Director: Nadine Truong
Screenplay: Nadine Truong
Cinematographer: Eugene Koh
Music: Aaron Symonds
Editor: Ben Kim
Cast: Ik Jo Kang, Mike Faist, Selenis Leyva, Ellie Kang, Rj Hatanaka, Jack Difalco

Off The Rails is a psychological thriller directed by David Jackson (IMDb), and produced by Marguerite Henry for MarVista Entertainment / IMDb and is currently screening on Lifetime. The film stars Hannah Barefoot and Thomas Beaudoin and features a complex storyline as the main character attempts to piece together her life following her memory loss in a train derailment. She struggles with how much of what she remembers is true and how much is being manipulated by the people around her.

The score is heavily driven by analog synths, really giving me a chance to delve into programming my classic hardware Moog synths as well as the Zebra and Diva analog software synths.

The following are several tracks from the score.

Your Ticket

Online Revelation