Splatter, for which I composed the score, is now on Hulu. The score combined a traditional orchestral horror music with heavy metal guitars and voodoo percussion.

Conceived and produced by renowned horror filmmaker Roger Corman (Little Shop of HorrorsPit and the PendulumSplatter is a corpse-strewn, interactive HD multi-platform webisode series starring Corey Feldman (The Lost BoysStand By Me) in the lead role of hard-partying zombie music legend Jonny Splatter and Tony Todd as his greedy former business manager.

Joining Corman on the project as producer is Julie Corman (Box Car Bertha). The series, directed by Trailers from Hell producer, Joe Dante (GremlinsThe Howling), takes the audience on a wild road trip into the dark world of fame, fortune, greed, immortality and immorality, offering viewers the opportunity to select the direction of the series by choosing the next “victim” as the episodes progress.

Splatter can now be viewed on Hulu at Splatter on Hulu.