Joe Dante, Director

Aaron Symonds’ versatility is matched only by his love of classic music scores, and both are on captivating display in his music for a wide range of subjects — which, even divorced from the multimedia it supports, makes compelling listening on its own.

Ivan Gulas, Producer

Aaron’s participation and contribution to our film exceeded expectations in every respect. His appreciation of film making and understanding of the emotive desires intended by each scene, coupled with his comfort to compose music to play a “supporting, scene enhancing role” was especially meaningful in the context of our project. He is a very talented composer with a broad musical palate and the maturity and confidence in be a true collaborator in helping to make the film as good as possible.

Adam Rodgers, Director

Haunting and beautiful, Aaron’s score captured the tension, scope and ambiguity of the film with nuance and power.

Sig Libowitz, Producer

We came to Aaron with a ridiculously tight deadline and enormously big expectations, but Aaron handled it all with grace (& a whole lot of calm) and he gave us and the film something beautiful. Aaron was incredibly collaborative and easy to work with. I would gladly work with him on our next project.

Charlie Largent, Director

Aaron’s music brings so much extra dimension to a movie you could list his melodies in the cast of characters…

Matthew Hickey, Producer / Director

For our documentary, Beyond the Big Bang, Aaron had to come up with a musical theme that covered the moment the universe began through to it’s demise. With all that drama taking place…Aaron’s music not only matched, but enhanced what viewers saw. That’s a hell of a challenge!

Tom Veltre, Director

Aaron is a skillful composer and master orchestrator. He has a confident command of a broad palette of sounds and wielded them with great sensitivity to the rhythm and texture of our film.