Aaron Symonds

Music is my language, I use it to tell stories

Saul Blinkoff

“Aaron brings to the table an incredible understanding of storytelling through music, while his professionalism and work ethic is unmatched. Can’t wait to work with him again!”‘

Director (Disney, Mattel, Dreamworks)

Nadine Truong

“Aaron Symonds is a pleasure to work with. He’s a storyteller extraordinaire, using his musical talents to underline each character’s arc in exquisite auditory detail. His contribution to our film elevated the story tremendously.”


Adam Rodgers

Haunting and beautiful, Aaron’s score captured the tension, scope and ambiguity of the film with nuance and power.


Ivan Gulas

Aaron’s participation and contribution to our film exceeded expectations in every respect…He is a very talented composer with a broad musical palate and the maturity and confidence in be a true collaborator in helping to make the film as good as possible.